Sun-loungers & Deck chairs

The sun-loungers are built-up. We ship them fully assembled in a carton box or with the mattress tied to the sun-lounger and the boxes a-long-side in the container. The Dreamer Deck chair and the sun-loungers all have three sitting positions.

Deck Lounger 200 x 75 x 40Hcm
Ocean Deck Chair
Ocean Deck chair 120 x 75 x 40Hcm
Malaga Sun-lounger 210 x 75 x 35Hcm
Malaga Sun-lounger 210 x 75 x 35Hcm
Sun-lounger - Deck chairs
Malaga Sun longer
Dreamer Deck chair 110 x 63 x 110Hcm
Dreamer deck chair
Dreamer Deck chair
Bamboo Deck chair