To protect the bamboo furniture from rain, dust and humidity a layer of skin is left on the bamboo poles. This will protect the bamboo poles used for legs and frames against rain and dust the same way lacquer and oil protect raw wood.

To safeguard and protect the bamboo against the increasingly wet summers we apply a layer of biodegradable Nano Shield to the bamboo poles. The nano shield is 100% absorbed into the bamboo. It is water repellant and ads years to the service life of the furniture.



The tabletops are made from bamboo slats. To make the slats, the skin is removed from the poles. This makes the slats more susceptible to moisture and stains. Two layers of clear Nano Shield lacquer are applied to protect the tops. The lacquer does not change the appearance of the bamboo slats.

Out door table in bamboo

We recommend treating the bamboo at least once a year with GREY-GO bamboo protector. GREY-GO is widely available on the Internet.