Why bamboo

Bamboo facts

Bamboo belongs to the grass family and has more than 1250 species in 75 genera. The most striking characteristic is its immense vitality. With its far-ranging network of roots, Bamboo can overcome almost any hardship, can prevent soil erosion and even help reduce the effects of earth earthquakes.

It grows from shoot to full size in just 4 years. This amazing growth rate is the reason why bamboo plays an important part in the reduction of Co2 gases. On its way up bamboo consumes CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen then an equivalent stand of trees.

Bamboo is:

  • The fastest growing plant on earth.
  • An essential component in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • An important player in the alleviation of climate changes
  • A viable replacement for wood in furniture and other household products.
  • A sustainable resource that grows without fertilizer and acts as an erosion stabilizer.

Almost 1 million acres of forests are lost each week worldwide to deforestation. Bamboos’ versatility as a substitute for hardwoods offers a chance to drastically reduce that figure and protect the forests we have left.

In Asia, bamboo has for centuries played a central role as building material for shelter, bridges, scaffolding and storage and as primary material in furniture and smaller household product but Western Designers and Architects have only recently discovered its amazing properties, strength and beauty.
In bamboo, designers have found a material that offers mankind a chance to continue to enjoy many of the comforts of modern life without causing damage to the environment.

Bamboo poles

Social impact

Bamboos grow in the Asia Pacific, Americas and Africa, but it is East and Southern Asia that have the largest bamboo forest area. It is in these countries, where the bamboo grows, value is added to the raw material through design and manufacture.
In less developed countries bamboo production and the manufacturing of bamboo products provides job opportunities in the rural areas, that desperately need social and economic stability. Design and refinement of bamboo into beautifully shaped products can make a real difference to the local population.

Bamboo farmer in central Vietnam

Bamboo farmer

Bamboo Artisan

Bamboo farmer

Farming is a family business

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