Cloth Racks and ladders

The racks, ladders and benches are used in private homes and retail shops alike. The racks are all knock-down and assembled without the use of hardware.

Racks and ladders
Cloth rack 120 x 50 x 127Hcm
Cloth rack 120 x 50 x 170Hcm
Towel stand 90 x 80 x 100Hcm
Towel stand 115 x 82 x 111Hcm
Freestanding towel rack 90 x 40 x 100Hcm
Free-standingtowel stand 90 x 37 x 114Hcm
Folding towel rack 85 x 3,5 x 85Hcm
Folding Towel rack 2x85 x 5 x 116Hcm
Coat bench 100 x 37 x 180Hcm
Coat Bench 100 x 37 x 180Hcm
Coat bench
Coat Bench
Ladder 60 x 3,5 x 120Hcm
Ladder 45 x 3,5 x 180Hcm
Cloth rack